Wambaliman magazine

The newsletter of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland Bundaberg and Fraser Coast Branches and Wide Bay Burnett Conservation Council

Our quarterly magazine Wambaliman, produced jointly with the Bundaberg and Fraser Coast branches of the Wildlife Preservation Society has been published continuously for 40 years. During this time it has undergone some changes however it has never lost its informative and chatty style. Topics covered during this time have been diverse including both local, regional and national environmental issues. In December 2001 Wambaliman was published for the first time in an electronic format to compliment the traditional paper edition which is still sent out to all members.

Wambaliman 1 (1967!)
First published by the newly formed Maryborough and District Field Naturalists Club which the following year became a branch of the Wildlife Preservation Society, and later joined forces with WBBCC.

Wambaliman SUMMER 2010-11

Wambaliman SPRING 2010

Wambaliman WINTER 2010

Wambaliman AUTUMN 2010

Wambaliman SUMMER 2009-10

Volunteer Profile – Angus F Hutton



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One Response to “Wambaliman magazine”

  1. John Pryor Says:

    I noticed that John and Dulcie Lennon were thanked for their help and wondered if they are from England. Dulcie may be my cousin and I think we would last have met in Reading, Risca or Cross Keys in the early 1950’s.

    I would very much like to get in touch.

    Many thanks

    John Pryor

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