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Shen Neng 1

Media Release 04-05-2010

Australian Maritime Safety Authority makes direction for Hervey Bay waters to become the ‘place of refuge’ for damaged Chinese coal carrier The Shen Neng 1, while 1000’s of tonnes of coal are offloaded.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority announced on Friday 30th April that damaged coal carrier, Chen Neng 1, would be towed to the south to the tip of Fraser Island where it will have 19,000 tonnes of coal offloaded, enabling it to then be towed to China for repairs.

The direction was made under The Sea Protection (Powers of Intervention) Act 1981 for The Great Sandy Marine Park to become the place of refuge for the ship while coal is unloaded in order for the ship to be safely towed out of Australian waters.

The Wide Bay Burnett Conservation Council has slammed the decision and demanded that the Government have it towed somewhere else, or risk facing legal action if the procedure goes wrong.

The site that the ship will be anchored while the portion of coal is removed, is situated 16 nautical miles North West of Fraser Island and in the middle of the Great Sandy Marine Park which is the home for Sea Turtles, Dugongs, Dolphins and hundreds of fish and marine species. It also acts as a Humpback Whale Creche during whale season (July-November) as it’s the perfect environment for female humpbacks to give birth and raise their young until they are strong enough for the next step of the migration. If anything goes wrong during this offloading, the marine environment will be affected in many ways.


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